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OMA & Ministry of Health Agree on Fair Audit Process

Province makes changes to Bill 138 to ensure accountability, fairness, transparency

Together, the OMA and the Ministry of Health have collaborated to bring forward an agreed upon path to enhancing the OHIP billing system while ensuring a fair process for physicians. These changes respond to OMA feedback, while also preserving the original objectives and intent of the legislation: enhancing OHIP accountability.

Ontario’s doctors understand the need to protect taxpayers’ money and agree with changes including:

  • The release of physician billing information as long proper context is provided and it is made clear that billings to OHIP are not salaries, but rather gross billings out of which each physician must pay all the overhead costs to run their practice; and
  • The modernization of the OHIP cards and eliminating the old red and white OHIP cards to prevent fraud.

We believe these amendments address the major concerns the OMA and more than 9,000 physicians and supporters expressed to government since Bill 138 was introduced earlier this month.

The OMA thanks everyone who expressed their views to the Premier, Minister of Health and MPPs about this legislation. Your support was critical.

Ontario’s doctors look forward to working with government and moving forward together to transform Ontario’s health care system, reduce waiting times and end hallway medicine.