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Vaccines are safe

Join the fight
against vaccine misinformation.

Join the fight against vaccine misinformation.

Vaccine misinformation is dangerous. You might be reading this because you’ve got questions about vaccines after reading something on the internet. Doctors across Ontario are on the front lines of the fight against misinformation. Here’s the essential information you need.

"I stand with doctors and the facts."

The measles vaccine does not cause autism.

Vaccines don’t infect you with the disease.

Your immune system can handle multiple vaccines at once.

High vaccination rates protect people who can’t be vaccinated.

That last point is so important.
It's how everyone is protected.
It's called herd immunity.

This is achieved when about 95% of the population is vaccinated. When vaccination rates drop, herd immunity is lost and diseases spread like wildfire to people too young or too sick to be vaccinated. That could be your mother, father, daughter, or son. That’s why we need your help to protect them and everyone around them.

Stand with thousands of doctors - and tens of thousands of people - and fight back against vaccine misinformation.


We have to provide positive, factual, correct information to the patients of Ontario.

Dr. Sohail Gandhi
President, Ontario Medical Association


"I stand with doctors and the facts."